Good Morning, Tom —

It was great seeing you and your family out and abouttown last week. I’m glad Julie and I got a chance to tell you how much we have enjoyed the waterfall you landscaped into our backyard seven years ago. I enjoy hearing Julie say “You were right about gettig this!” as I turn on the waterfall for the first time each spring.

As our waterfall is set up next to a treeline, it truly does add a unique dynamic to our landscaping. When sitting on our deck, the sound of the runnning water like a babbling brook drowns out unwanted white noise from nearby roads. We have wildlife that enjoy the landscaping, as we have seen deer with their fawns drink out of the retention pond. Birds of all kinds will bathe in the running water as well.

Family and friends often say how seeing and hearing the waterfall gives them the feel of being up north which is what Julie and I were going for from the beginning. The added bonus of hearing Julie say “You were right” is worth the price!

Great to see you and your family and we wish you continued success.

Sincerely, John

Bruce said we should consider doing the back yard in Spring. (His way of saying he likes our yard!)

The ladies that walk in the neighborhood stopped by today to tell Bruce that they really like our new landscaping. They think it makes our house look bigger.

The lady that lives across the street came over to say how great our yard looks. She thought it looks like a house out of Better Homes and Gardens. (This family spends a lot of time working in their yard and they cut their grass twice a week – so a compliment from them means a lot. They have the huge corner lot across the street.)

This doesn’t count all the neighbors that have slowed down and twisted their neck to see what we did.

Most importantly, did I say we love our yard?

We have your cards.. also feel free to stop by in Spring when everything blooms and put a sign in our yard then too. Your current sign will stay up until it blows away in a snowstorm
— Renee And Bruce K., New Berlin, WI

“Dear Tom and Everyone at All Seasons,
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on our front yard landscaping. It was all I had hoped for; really more. I appreciate how you worked with my plans and also gave me your input, which I know was based on your vast experience and knowledge with so many plants, shrubs and trees. I am glad you didn’t just go with everything I had suggested. I am grateful you weren’t afraid to tell me that some of the plants I had chosen would grow to quickly and overtake some of the others (and after looking around town, I see exactly what you mean). Your creativity was awesome in this project!

Thank you also for the time you took to consider the enjoyment I would get out of the variety of plants chosen to bloom at different times. I asked a lot of questions and you answered each one very cheerfully. It’s nice to know that there are still companies out there that do care more about their customers than a just a quick profit. It was exciting how quickly it came together. We were amazed at all the machinery and tools you have to get such a big job done so quickly. I’m sure this landscaping will be a source of delight for years to come. I would surely recommend your company to anyone.”
— Mary, Burlington, WI

“All Seasons was on the ball from Day 1! They came in ahead of schedule and right on budget, we now use them for everything we do”
— Tom W., Kenosha, WI

“I was very proud of all the changes, it really opened up the front of the house. All Seasons was AMAZING! We hated our back yard – Now we are the envy of the neighborhood, we love to have people over and sit back there in all that beauty and enjoy!”
— Bob D., Milwaukee, WI