Ponds and Water Gardens


waterfall-landscapingThere are many choices of pond specialists or landscaping contractors in your area who can help in the design and maintenance of the perfect pond for your landscape and lifestyle. All Seasons Lawn and Landscape crew are experts at design, planning and installing water features in your landscape. Ongoing maintenance is important to ensure the water is in good condition for year round viewing and enjoying the life within. Always consult an expert for tasks like testing your water for alkalinity/acidity, how to balance the pH and how to identify and solve various problems that might arise while your pond’s ecosystem is developing.


waterfall-installationRemember to ask us about installing a waterfall for your pond. While a waterfall is an important aesthetic and auditory feature of a pond, it is also helps with proper oxygenation to support pond life.

Pond Plantings

In a naturalized pond, you will want to discuss the special pond plantings. You will want a variety of plants native to your environment. Additionally, consider floating plants, but keep in mind they could become food for your pond inhabitants. Also look at the possibility of some mid-pond submersibles.

The Dry Creek Bed

Another trend in gardening is the addition of a dry creek bed to your yard. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the dry creek bed serves as an excellent watershed runoff for rainwater. The best dry creek beds look like the real thing. Make certain the creek bed is graded downward and away from any structure you need to protect.


A tradition featured in many landscaped yards are fountains. Consult us for designs and ideas that will best match your overall landscaping design and style.